Daniel Negreanu: A Meeting With The World’s Most Well known Poker Player

A long-term enthusiast of the Jonathan Little YouTube channel, six-time WSOP arm band champ and Poker Lobby of Distinction inductee Daniel Negreanu was benevolent enough allowed me to talk with him as we examined a wide cluster of subjects connecting with poker. While we shared a lot of guidance for hopeful poker players, we likewise examined the 2023 WSOP, his distinguished poker profession, and times we have confronted one another at the poker table. In the event that you love Youngster Poker, you will need to look at the full meeting underneath!

Daniel Negreanu’s Crazy 2023 WSOP Timetable
JL: The Worldwide championship of Poker of poker is here and you said that you intend to attempt to play 88 out of the 115 occasions. Why? For what reason would you say you are insane?

DN: Well stop and think for a minute, when I make my timetable I put out potential occasions that I might play, correct? Presently, if I somehow managed to play that large number of occasions it would be the most terrible Worldwide championship throughout the entire existence of poker, since it expects that I never make a day two or have any accomplishment through seven weeks. So there say for instance I’m in the $10,000 Razz, I bust, and there’s a $1,500 PLO. I could play that. Since we sell pieces at PokerStake.com, I like to incorporate every one of the occasions conceivable, and afterward when I sell the pieces the ones that I don’t play individuals get discounted.

JL: I attempt to have a piece of your activity each and every year. Daniel Negreanu activity at no markup in the Worldwide championship of Poker is presumably a fair setup! What has you to sell a respectable measure of your activity at no markup?

DN: Well above all else: I needn’t bother with the cash. I generally took a gander at markup and I thoroughly comprehend the reason why individuals make it happen and have to make it happen, however for somebody in my situation, it seemed like bothering. The motivation behind me doing it wasn’t to bring in cash off of poker fans. I considered it when I began doing the video blogs in 2017. I consider sports, and how assuming you watch a group that is 1-7 and another that is 2-8, is that a tomfoolery game to watch? Well no, yet it is the point at which you have a smidgen of cash on it right? So I thought by making the video blogs everyday and allowing individuals an opportunity, they can live vicariously through it. Monetarily it didn’t make a big deal about a distinction to me. Definitely, I’m surrendering cash and value, yet last year individuals became involved with the Worldwide championship and it went poorly.

JL: Last year I think you lost $1,100,000, an entire heap!

DN: Fortunately for those that actually had confidence, in the Hot shot Bowl I sold a piece of that and I changed out for $3,300,000 million, so I had the option to recover for those individuals, however clearly not the Worldwide championship individuals. I haven’t had a misfortune that huge, and it truly comes down to: you play the $250k on more than one occasion, you play the hot shots, and in the event that you don’t do well in those 1,000,000 isn’t without question.

JL: So sufficiently interesting, you had a terrible Worldwide championship and afterward you won a major competition. I’ve really done that before too, I had a horrible Worldwide championship and I won WPT like just later! I think a many individuals who have not gone through off the deep end swings in poker battle with appearing and playing normal each day when things are turning out badly. Make sense of how that feels when you truly do appear and you only sort of get pooped on and you need to appear the following day. What keeps you inspired to appear and play your best? You needn’t bother with the cash, so for what reason do you make it happen?
What Persuades Daniel Negreanu?
DN: I was conversing with Eric Wasserson about that, and he thinks I love the aggravation. I couldn’t say whether I concur with that, however a hypothesis could hold some weight. I’m human, I experience my feelings and I experience them at the time, I’m fine with that. Be that as it may, I went through around a fourteen day time span at the Worldwide championship where I won no all-ins. I was so baffled since how could I should win in the event that I lose each time I bet everything? It wasn’t like I was betting everything with the most terrible hand, I had the best of it pretty much without fail. I’ve forever been extremely versatile, exceptionally self-persuaded, and I put a great deal of squeeze on myself. I really do cherish it and I partake in the toil of getting back out there and trying it out. I have a smidgen of an agenda, on the off chance that I’m losing I ask myself: am I getting it in terrible pre-flop? Am I feigning it off something over the top? Am I canceling it to an extreme? Am I getting so short that I’m not actually getting spots and not having enormous stacks? That’s what things like. In the event that the solution to that large number of inquiries is no, I will hold tight and have some confidence. That is the way I measure after so long of involvement, it’s autonomous of results.

JL: So envision you are going through that agenda and you really do see that you accomplished something wrong in your psyche afterward. Presently to be fair, perhaps you should cancel with a subsequent nuts and the person has the nuts and you lose, that occurs. However, what occurs in the event that you assume you played inadequately? How would you show back up prepared to play the following day? A many individuals get truly down when they screw up, in light of the fact that they understand they will get unfortunate at times, that occurs, however you don’t be guaranteed to need to inadequately play.

DN: At whatever point I have some kind of a breakdown or an opening or a hole, I’m like “Aha! They’re simply not taking care of me of all time. No one’s calling me, so it should mean I’m not feigning enough. There are spots here that I’m not taking, I really want to begin taking those.” I’ll constantly be thoughtful and ponder new ways, new lines, new methodologies, and various things I can do in light of the fact that I’ve forever been a greater amount of a shifty brain. I concentrated on Game Hypothesis and moderately undeniable clear minds up, yet I’ve perceived that my expertise level or my edge has forever been understanding the way in which individuals see me and afterward tracking down ways of taking advantage of. At whatever point I notice things are not working out positively, it’s a chance for me to go “OK, what might I at any point open up here and what could I at any point do any other way that perhaps I wasn’t thinking about at the time?”

JL: I think a many individuals who prevail at a significant level understand “I’m losing for reasons unknown. I committed this error, I lost thus and I really want to sort out some way to exploit it later on.” In the event that you are blinding down and you’re collapsing time after time, well you’re likely getting feigned again and again. Or on the other hand the inverse in the event that you’re continuously canceling and losing you’re presumably a calling station.

DN: It’s interesting you referenced calling station. There was a hand against you where I was truly frustrated in myself. I committed a major error by allowing you to win a pot since I went through it and I had a characteristic feign. I had 10-9 of spades and the board was A-K-Q-8-8, and there were two spades on the turn, and, surprisingly, the eight was not a spade so I hindered 9-8 fit. I bet turn, you really look at the stream, and I went through in my mind when you called turn like “I figure Jonathan may be a tad stationy here”, so I chose to not go with the GTO supported move and I really look at it back. You would have collapsed it without a doubt, it was A-Q and you had Q-10 you would never call! I was truly disheartened, and that is a model where I wound up busting that competition later getting it in, however that was a key pot that I should win yet made an error.

JL: It’s something extreme however, on the grounds that I might have recently had a hand I’m not collapsing right?

DN: The thing is I don’t play with you enough. I’m not absolutely certain how you see me with regards to my feigning. So in the event that I had you fixed as someone who naturally suspects “Daniel never feigns”, I’m won’t ever check. In any case, I was figuring you could have observed a portion of my recordings, you’ve seen enough of the moves maybe, that assuming you had a pro explicitly you could call. However, I recollect explicitly in that particular situation, basically your reach was covered. You raised the end, I three-bet everything, you recently called and it was like K-Q-8. Check. Turn the ace, check, I bet third pot. Waterway an eight, you checked and I just had 10-9 of spades and was like… check. It was so moronic! What I truly ought to have done there was scrutinized you. Regardless of whether you have an ace, I ought to have made an overbet.






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