Overview of the Slot, “The Faces of Freya”

Many of the male deities from Norse mythology—Thor, Odin, and even Loki—are featured prominently in slots and other forms of popular culture, but the mythical women of the region are often overlooked. Perhaps this is proof that some aspects of patriarchy still persist in our modern society despite our best intentions to eradicate them. Nor was Freya the type of goddess who stayed at home to keep the fires burning and the mead bowl filled for Odr. Some Eddic poetry suggest that Freya slept with the gods, elves, and even her own brother. She was also a skilled volva who brought the Norse magic of seidhr to the people as well as the gods. In sum, an intriguing person who deserves more attention than he or she has gotten so far.

Thus, we arrive to Play’ n GO’s Swedish release, The Faces of Freya. Perhaps we’ve mentioned this before, but Play’ n GO’s hectic schedule probably helps them come up with interesting ideas for game themes. Of course, some methods are more successful than others, but this one has a lot of potential. It looks great, and in keeping with the novel approach to the subject matter, they’ve shown a lush summer scene rather than the cold wastes more commonly associated with Norse-themed slot machines.

The 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines of The Faces of Freya are set against a backdrop of towering hills that border what may be a fjord in the summertime. This serene setting accurately depicts Freya’s realm of Folkvangr, the afterlife destination for warriors who perished in combat but were not granted passage to Valhalla. You may also make out the forms of two mysterious beasts, one to the right and one to the left, both of which are said to be from mythology. The reels’ almost Celtic etched design adds to the enchantment, making this the perfect place for the goddess of love and battle to relax.

Getting down to business, however it feels almost impolite to discuss money in this setting. Freya’s realm is accessible across devices, and players may wager anywhere from 20 pence to £/€100 every spin. Play’n GO’s The Faces of Freya has medium volatility, suggesting it’s designed for recreational gamblers. Meanwhile, the RTP is dynamic, as it typically is with this crew, ranging from 96.2% to 100% by default.

Freya’s chariot, the cats who pulled it, her bracelet, and the four suits of low-paying cards designed to appear like runes are among the symbols employed. The payout for a combination of five identical premium symbols is 10–17.5 times the wager. Freya serves as the game’s wild symbol, appearing on any reel to replace other symbols and increase your chances of winning. Five Freya wilds in a row pay out 20 times the wager.

Slot Functions and the Freya Faces

All four types of free spins are available as bonus bonuses. If you get Freya’s necklace Brisingamen on the reels three times in a row, you’ll activate one of three bonus spins games: Spins of Sorcery, Spins of Love, or Spins of War. The “ultimate” Folkvang free spins are activated by landing 4 or 5 scatters.

Each of the three smaller rounds begins with 6 free spins and a few more bonuses. Axe, boar, and cat icons can be upgraded to higher value symbols during the Spins of Sorcery bonus. During the Spins of Love bonus, two to five more wilds will be added to the reels, with a maximum of one wild per reel. Finally, all payouts in the Spins of War bonus are multiplied by a factor ranging from 2x to 20x. For every additional scatter that appears, the bonus game will continue for one additional free spin.

The highlight is the triggered Folkvang free spins, which come with four distinct stages. A total of 18 or 19 free games are granted using a scatter mechanism:

Spins of Sorcery, Level 1 – 5 free spins with initial axe icons transformed into boars. The upgrades cost three scatters for boars, five for cats, and one for bracelets.

Spins of Love, Level 2: 5 spins with 2 random wilds to start. If you get 3, 5, or 7 scatters, you might get an extra wild.

Spins of War, level 3: 5 free spins with a multiplier of 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20 when 3, 5, 7, and 9 scatters are gathered, respectively.

Spins of Folkvang, the fourth level, activates all of the bonuses earned in the previous three tiers. Depending on whether or not the feature was triggered in the basic game by 4 or 5 scatters, players will receive 3 or 4 free spins, respectively.

Freya’s Judgment, as Seen in Her Many Forms

The Faces of Freya is yet another solid release from Play’ n GO that makes full use of its topic by cramming in as many Freya-related elements as possible. While it may not seem dangerous on paper, the perfect spark is all it takes for this game to go off the rails. Some skeptics might be won over by offering many levels of free spins. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the Folkvang spins, which can get rather chaotic, you’re in for some great gaming.

In fact, accumulating a large number of modifiers and making it to the last level of Folkvang spins is a strong indicator of future success. Because of this, Play’n GO has included a victory cap that kicks in whenever the game reaches 5,000 times the stake. You shouldn’t count on Freya to provide you much money on The Faces of Freya besides free spins. If you’re lucky, the third scatter will creep into view after you land the second one, triggering one of the lesser free spins rounds.

Play’n GO makes it appear easy again by adding a great new game with moderate volatility to their collection. While patience is necessary for much of the main game, it’s worth it when you land four or more scatters and win the lady’s favor.






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